Freeport High School FIG team

Freeport High School Environmental Science students with teacher Amy Hunter, and forestry professionals Ken Laustsen and Kevin Doran.

As part of the Maine Project Learning Tree (PLT) community, you’ll be equipped to infuse rich scientific concepts, current events, and authentic questions using PLT’s Focus on Forests and Climate Change modules.

Take learning further by connecting with the FIG Online Network. Store and share your FIG data, compare plots and communicate with other plot stewards and foresters across the state.


Join Maine PLT

A workshop with Maine Project Learning Tree will define, extend, and deepen the learning that’s already happening at your FIG plots.

Teachers use PLT lessons to put their FIG data collection efforts in a broader context, effectively tying to current issues like climate change and invasive species, and linking FIG to Next Generation Science Standards, the Common Core, National Social Studies Standards, and Excellence in EE Guidelines.

You can, too!

Every workshop participant gets the National PLT Focus on Forests high school module which includes activities that address concepts in biology, civics, ecology, economics, and forest management. Quality time spent connecting with like-minded educators, meeting forestry professionals, reflecting, and planning are consistent workshop highlights for all.

Contact us to register for the next Maine PLT training.

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Connect with the Online FIG Network

While all the FIG data you collect is valuable whether it’s sent by mail or entered online, getting connected online has great benefits to you and your learners. Full access to the FIG website includes:

  • A marker for your plot on the biophysical regions map
  • Online data entry
  • Data storage
  • A Plot Detail page with information about your plot and links to all of your data and photos
  • Easy data download to Excel or Numbers
  • Access to data from all other FIG plots for comparison studies and curiosities
  • Online communication with other FIG stewards and students

Contact Pat to request an online account.

Include in your request:


You’re one step closer to tracking your forest’s change
through time, and to connecting your plot with others statewide.

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